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Title: Pegged for Dessert
Gift for: callunahex
Author: [personal profile] starduchess
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3300
Warnings: bondage, edging, pegging
Summary: "I've pegged you as being impatient before, but this time you'll just have to curb those tendencies and wait for it."
A/N: Written for Round 8 of Dramione Duet. Thanks so much to the mod for patience and my beta for catching all my little problems. This is just a smutty little scene, but I hope you like it, dear recipient (and all the other readers)!

Hermione set the kipper salad in the middle of the dining table. The silverware was already present, and the water glasses and butter floated through the air behind her on their way to their respective places. She turned around and grabbed the bread just as Draco walked through the door, outer robes already removed.

He looked at the lunch and reached his arm around her waist as she returned to the table.

"Is that a red herring in my salad, or are you just happy to see me?" He smirked as he kissed her neck, causing a slight shimmer like a hot breeze on a cold day to run down her nerves.

"I'd say it was a bit of both." She smiled at him and kissed his lips, getting a little lost in the moment before her stomach growled at them both.

"Sounds like someone's hungry," he said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Yes, but I do think we'll need some energy for later," she returned. "Go on, take a seat."

He gave her one more chaste kiss before releasing her and stepping around to his side of the table. They sat and divided up the salad. Hermione ate hers with simple contentment, but when the first bite of kipper touched Draco's taste buds, he let out a deep moan at the deep, rich grilled flavour. She raised an eyebrow at him in exasperation, but the sound had made her squirm a little.

"That good, am I?" she asked with a smirk.

He opened heated eyes and stared right at her with abandon. "Delicious."

She blushed but hid it behind her water glass. Deciding to be coy, she licked her wettened lips before setting her glass back down.

Draco softly hissed in a breath of air as his trousers became a bit uncomfortable. He quickly got himself back under control so he could continue the flirtation. "If this is what lunch is like, I can't wait for dessert."

She smirked back at him. "I've pegged you as being impatient before, but this time you'll just have to curb those tendencies and wait for it. I think the suspense will prove worthwhile." She took another bite of her own kipper and moaned around the fork in her mouth.

Draco paused in his eating, his brain shorting a bit at the sound. Then it kicked into high gear as he deciphered the message. He began panting as his balls tightened at the thought of what was coming. "Will it be a long wait?"

Smiling, she said, "Oh, not too long, but as long as it needs to take."

He smiled back in return, pleased with how this day was turning out. "Then I will look forward to it with anticipation."

They continued eating in a relaxed atmosphere, chatting amicably on mundane topics with the occasional flirtation thrown in until they were finished with lunch. Draco helped her clear the table, and Hermione set the dishes to washing in the sink. He grabbed her from behind and pulled her flush to him, placing a feather-light kiss on her neck while his free hand roamed under her shirt, just tantalizing her senses.

"I'm ready to eat dessert now," he said and then bit down on her neck, making her gasp as electricity ignited within her.

"Oh, I'd hoped to play a bit first," she said, a little smirk.

"I have no objection."

She turned her head and kissed him, full of want and dawning excitement as he grazed her nipples through her bra. She hitched a breath and then said, "Follow me."

She led him out of the kitchen and to the bedroom.

Upon entering, Draco's eyes widened in surprise at the suspension ropes rigged over their four-poster bed. Hermione had been thorough in her preparations. All of it looked, and felt when he pulled on the ropes, very sound and sturdy. "Been busy much?"

She chuckled a little, but he didn't have time to appreciate the rigging or his girlfriend's mischievous sounds any further as she tackled him onto the bed with hungry kisses and roving hands. He had already been half hard from their teasing during lunch; now, his trousers were definitely too tight. He began stripping off her clothes to expose milky white skin for him to feast upon. She, in turn, was pulling at buttons and sashes and buckles to expose him to her questing mouth. Both of them were panting hard once they reached skin on skin.

"Let me have you," he whispered.

She calmed her fervour and drew back a tad. "Not yet. We've barely gotten started." She pulled back all the way, flicking her hand out to cast a wandless spell that made the ropes reach out for his limbs. He didn't protest too much -- just a little whimper to let her know that he would have liked a quick fuck -- as he allowed his wrists and ankles to be tied up and pulled toward the corners.

She took her wand and ran it lightly from his fingertips down his arm to his collarbone, eliciting a sigh from him. She repeated the action down his other arm, gaining another sigh. She followed that up with her tongue, continuing down his chest to flick over one nipple. He gasped. She smiled to herself and moved to the other nipple.

This time he groaned. "More."

She smirked as she said, "As you wish."

Hermione let her bushy tendrils trail over his arms and chest, following the earlier path, and his panting increased. She licked another couple of times over his tender nipples to the delightful melody of his moans, and then she continued onward to his navel, circling it before diving in.

Bucking at the ticklish sensation, he let out a loud whimper. "Get on with it!"

She lifted her head. "Now, now. That's not anyway to enjoy dessert. I have to lick all the parts of you."

He groaned again and thumped his head back onto the mattress. She dipped her head back down and continued tasting his torso. He wiggled from time to time as she found another ticklish spot. She finally relented and moved on to his muscular legs.

She ran her hands along them, skimming at first over the delicate blond curls of his thighs before touching him more firmly with a massaging motion of her fingers. He sighed as his muscles relaxed. She moved to the coarser hairs on his calves, digging her fingers into the middle of the muscle and massaging it apart. "Feels good, right?" she asked, as he half-moaned, half-sighed.

"Bloody fantastic." His eyes had rolled into his head and she could tell he felt languid now.

Hermione moved on down to his feet and gave them a good massage, kneading the pads as he whimpered from the pressure. He couldn't pull his feet away, thanks to the ropes, but he didn't want to either.

That is, until she licked under his toes. "Aggh!" he shouted, trying to pull his foot away. She licked again, sending more ripples of shock up his leg and then took his big toe in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, and sucked. "AGGGHH!" he screamed as sensation shot through him. It was immediate and intense, like a bolt of lightning jolting up his whole body. He thrashed on the bed to no avail until she withdrew from his toe. He panted in relief.

"Mmmm," she purred. "Delicious."

"Damn, woman, that's too much. I'll have to hex you for that if you try it ag--Agh!"

She had licked under his other set of toes. "No, not again," he cried as she lowered her mouth onto his other big toe. "AGGGHH!" The jolt of electricity was just as immediate and intense as before and he found himself trying to pull away though it made him rock hard. "Too much, too much," he panted as she let go of that toe.

She licked her way up his legs, brushing her hair against his leg hairs in another teasing motion, but it was her tongue that was doing him, inching closer to where he wanted it. "Look at this delicious treat here, like a lava cake with white sauce already leaking from it."

He could only groan and moan as she licked around his balls and the base of his penis. "Please, more. Taste it all."

She chuckled but complied, licking stripes up along his shaft to the tip. He whimpered and tried to buck up into her mouth, but she moved away each time until he was whimpering in frustration. "Dammit, eat me!"

"Tsk, tsk," she clicked at him. "I can't eat all of this at once, and besides, it's not fair that only one of us is eating." She moved forward on the bed until she was straddling his face. She grabbed his slick hair and pulled. "Go on, dear, lick your fill."

He moaned and happily complied. He loved the taste of her wet juices, musky and herbal and a tad sour, just for him. She moaned as he licked over her sensitive folds and groaned as he flicked over her clit.

"Yes," she breathed. "Eat it all up." She rocked into his face, enjoying every shiver that traveled through her body. Her skin began to sweat from exertion and her nipples ached, wanting to be touched and pinched, but she didn't want to change their scenario right now.

"Thrust inside; get it all." She moved forward just a tad so that his mouth was directly under her labia, and his nose butted up against her clit. She moaned her appreciation when his tongue swept past her outer folds and inside her. She could feel his tongue thrust against her walls, and each push upward flicked her clit, too, sending her spiraling ever further toward her climax.

"Ugh, ung, more," she panted, losing herself as she got closer to completion. "Harder!" she yelled at him as she pushed into his face, grinding herself on his tongue and nose. Suddenly, her climax overtook her and she exploded in sensation. "Uhh," she moaned, her body trembling with wave after wave of aftershocks. He continued to lick as her juices flooded over his mouth.

"Oh, nice," she panted, as she came down from her high. "Thank you, Draco," she said as she pulled away from him.

He looked like a mess, tied up and tense with sweaty hair and her glistening wetness all over his face.

"You know, we shouldn't let all this moisture go to waste. It'll go well with the second half of dessert." She smirked at him as his eyes got big, both of them remembering the rest of the promise she'd made earlier at dinner.

She ran her fingers over one side of his face, collecting some of her juices, and then moved down to the other end of his body. She instructed the magic in the ropes to pull his legs up until his bum started to lift off the bed, all of him fully exposed. "There, that should make this easier." She guided her wet fingers to his entrance and smeared the liquid all around his hole.

He moaned in pleasure, enjoying the ripples of sensation running through him. The puckered skin around his anus was very sensitive and it left him yearning for more. She reached up and gathered the wetness from the other side of his face and lent back over his genitals. She rubbed it over her fingers and then slowly pushed one digit against his opening.

"Ugh, yes," he encouraged her, letting her know everything was fine. All he could do after that was moan as her first finger entered him. It was a lovely sensation of being full and penetrated at the same time, both of them knowing this as they'd done this to each other many times before.

Hermione reveled in the knowledge that Draco let himself be this vulnerable to her, that he relaxed so much in her presence. She wasn't going to break that trust; instead, she was using it for his pleasure, thrusting slowly in and out with one finger.

When he sounded relaxed and felt loose, she pulled out her finger and reached down to her own privates to gather up some more lubrication. She placed it next to his entrance and then pushed two fingers into him, stretching him more. He moaned louder with the second intrusion. She smiled as his posture went from languid and happy to tense and excited as she brushed against his prostate. His panting increased with each rub of her fingers, and she wanted him to be thoroughly worked up before this next part.

With fingers still thrusting inside, she bent her head down and took one ball in her mouth. "Aggh!" he shouted, bucking upward and almost dislodging her fingers.

"Relax, dear, I need to eat these little cakes and make you weep some more sauce all over them." He relaxed as she slid her fingers further in and let her take his other ball in her mouth. He pulled at his arm restraints to keep from moving his lower half, but it was a futile gesture as his whole body wished to push against her for more sensation. His penis was rock hard and leaking, and he wanted to thrust into her, although he knew that option wasn't on the menu today. All he could really do was shout at her, "More, please, hurry!" and thrash about with his head.

She took her time thrusting and licking, opening him now with three fingers as he moaned in abandon. When she felt he was ready and nearing the edge, she backed off, pulling out her fingers to his cries of "No, no."

Hermione got off the bed, sending a new instruction to the ropes while she crossed the room to put on the next part. The ropes at his feet raised off the posters and exchanged places, twisting his legs until he flipped over, his arms given just enough leeway to cross over each other in the new position above his head. His legs were still spread-eagled and lifted above the bed, his penis and balls given just a enough room to brush against the bedsheets, teasing his aching hardness.

He moaned at the constraints, loving the control she had over him. She came back to the bed and ran her hands up and down his legs before moving to the globes of his bum and squeezing them. He shouted, "Agh, more please," his noises covering over a weak knock neither of them heard from the other room.

She lined up the strap-on dildo with his entrance and pushed. There was always that firm resistance for a moment as he grunted at the intrusion, but she kept up the steady pressure until his muscles gave way, and they both sighed in relief as she entered him. She could feel an amazing tightness around the dildo, thanks to its magical properties, and it felt like her own clit was pushing into him. She waited until he relaxed and then began a steady push and pull into and out of him.

He sighed and moaned in pleasure, lost in the bliss of being taken. His whole body was awash in sensation, each thrust sending sparks from his prostate into his system, his hardness teased against the bed coverings.

They both moaned as she picked up the pace, pushing harder and deeper into him.

"Touch me," he cried in a needy voice, getting close to orgasm but not being able to achieve it without more friction.

She didn't say anything, couldn't as she was exerting too much concentration on what she was doing, but she did bend over and grab hold of his cock. He shouted at the glorious intensity of her hand pumping him, so close, almost there ….

"Hermione, dear, is there something wro -- Oh."

Both of them flinched at the opening of the door. Hermione's head whipped around to see her mother standing in the doorway, still holding the knob, with her father looking over her shoulder. Her shock caught in her throat, but her body pushed one more time into Draco and he came violently, yelling his release. The intense grasp of his anal muscles around the dildo pushed sensation up into her and she climaxed as well, all while her parents still looked on.

She was absolutely mortified and turned her head away.

"Well," her mother said, "I didn't expect this reception. We'll wait for you in the lounge." They both turned around and backed out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind them.

Hermione and Draco both panted as they came down. After a moment, she pulled out of him and told the ropes to let him go, gently. He lay in a relaxed heap before her.

"Shit, Hermione, that was not how I intended to meet them. Wait. I forgot they were coming today." His eyes opened in shock and some mirth and looked at her. "So that was a red herring you fed me! But, I thought they weren't arriving until tea time or dinner or something. What time is it now?"

Hermione cast a tempus spell and frowned. "It's only one thirty. They shouldn't have been here until close to three. I thought we had plenty of time."

"Well, apparently, we don't," he muttered, dragging himself off the bed. "Let's get dressed quick and get this humiliation over with."

They dressed in silence, Hermione shooting him sorry looks for their predicament. Just as they were about to leave the room, he drew her into a kiss. "I'll stick with you, no matter what they say." She gave him a grateful smile and opened the door.

They walked out to the living room and greeted her parents. "I really didn't expect you for another hour and a half," she told them.

"Yes, well, your father got done with his service early and we thought we'd catch up over a game of chess. I admit that I was worried over your choice of boyfriend, considering the things you've told me about 'Malfoy' in the past, but I see you have things well in hand." She gave Draco a firm look and then winked at her daughter and moved toward the kitchen. "Shall we make tea?"

Hermione blushed red, biting her lower lip as she looked to her father.

"I didn't raise you to be so … wanton," her father said, "but at least I raised you to take charge and not be taken advantage of." He nodded once at her and then followed her mother into the kitchen to help set up tea.

"That went better than I hoped," Draco said as she looked over at him. "At least I'm not being hexed into next week or threatened with my bits cut off for touching you."

She came over and wrapped her arms around him, lifting her face up to give him a quick peck on the lips. "It might not have been the best first impression, but at least it broke some of their misconceptions of you. Besides, it might encourage them to leave before dessert today," she said with a hint of a smile and a lusty twist of an eyebrow.

Draco sighed. This was one introduction he was never going to live down.

The End.
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