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I am loving fanfiction and have started writing some of my own, mainly in Harry Potter, but also in Legend of Zelda, Voltron Go-Lion, and Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets. I'm a Hufflepuff with strong leanings to Ravenclaw. I'm a mother of two, a mathematician and geophysicist currently working in the oil and gas industry.

I've been in the Harry Potter fandom for two years and other fandoms about three years. I hadn't read or watched all the movies before that, but something about it, probably the darkness and depth to the original stories and the continuing possibilities in fandom, attracts me and keeps me here. Those other fandoms, too. Anything with a lot of depth to it will win me over.

In any fandom, I'll read lots of story types and pairings and don't have any real squicks except scat and happy abortion fics and stupid stories about the "author" interviewing the characters. *shudder* Truly horrible stuff. Cross-overs are also a win if done properly.

For HP, my slash OTP is Snarry and my het OTP is Dramione. Put any of those together for two, three or foursome and I'm a happy girl. Oh, and Remus/Sirius is canon for me. I love Severus Snape, both in pairings and as a mentor (even Severitus/adoption plots); he's got such a dark, snarky sense of dry humor.

For Legend of Zelda, my favorite game was Ocarina of Time but I liked all of them. I'll take het Link and Zelda or Link and Midna and for slash Link and Sheik or Link and Dark Link. Any far-reaching adventure-some tale is great.

For Voltron, I'm a stickler for tradition. Put Keith with Allura, although I'm not opposed to a threesome with Lance or twosome slash Keith/Lance. I will read Lotor/Allura but it doesn't do much for me.

For Gatchaman, I get all tingly for Ken/Jun, but also Joe/Jun because I put them together in my head as a kid since *I* was with Ken, and the great threesome Ken/Joe/Jun. One thing I will not stand for in this fandom would be Jinpei with anyone NOT his own age.

PODFICS! OMG, SO GOOD! I give blanket permission to record any fic or drabble of mine. I do want you to tell me so I can keep track and would like a link to the final product so I can pimp it! Also, if there is something you want to change, I'll probably be okay with that; just let me know. Yay, podfics!
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