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I got a new phone last week: Samsung Galaxy S II. Yes, I know the III is about to be released, but we got a nice deal on these refurbished phones, and I've been slowly learning how to use it - put apps on it and such.

I used it to finally go through some Snarry vids on YouTube. Have a few recs! There should be something for everyone.

My Sweet Prince by T'Gin, angst.

What Hurst the Most by Miriamdohring, angst.

The Snarry Song by Oniqueen, funny, meta.

Desiderium Intimum by Ariel333Lindt, shocking, angst.

A World of Our Own by Ariel333Lindt, happy, fluff.

Guardian Angel by Akemi42, mentor!Snape.

Larger than Life by Sabserab, awesome happy, fluff.

Memories of the Rain by Ariel333Lindt, very angst ridden.

Snarry by LMagic999, collection of Snarry artwork (older stuff).

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[ profile] hp_podfic_fest ran its first fest in December with the theme of Winter Fest, so any fics pertaining to winter scenes or a winter holiday qualified for posting. I downloaded and have listened to all of them and finally got around to commenting and reccing.

Here is my rec list of favourites, and there's something here for everyone. Click on the name of the fic to go to the podfic post for downloading either the mp3 or m4b file or listening directly with the streaming audio option.

Sorry this post ends up being so long.

Amistlemour by [ profile] rivertempest read by [ profile] deirdre_aithne, PG-13, Draco/Hermione.
Summary: After receiving an enchanted Christmas present from Fred Weasley, Hermione thinks her life will never be the same. And she's right.
A humourous tale. She did a great job with Twiggy's voice and Hermione's outbursts.

Draco, Merrily on High by [ profile] byblythe read by [ profile] 1farmer_girl, PG-13, Draco/Harry, Remus/Tonks.
Summary: Draco Malfoy, conductor of the Junior London Magical Oratory, ends up caroling in front of Harry Potter's house. There's cooking and dancing and lots of music.
The reader does a wonderful job of showcasing all the characters' attitudes, including Harry's tipsiness, and there's lots of music included in this.

Elemental by [ profile] katmarajade read by [ profile] tree00faery, PG, Percy gen.
Summary: I wonder what he's giving his family for Christmas.
A different tale, showcasing how Percy feels about his family compared to himself. Nicely read.

Fade to Silver by [ profile] furiosity read by [ profile] raitala, PG, Draco/Harry.
Summary: Four years ago, Draco Malfoy disappeared from the wizarding world. This is the story of what happened after that.
Absolutely fantastic reading. Every intonation is perfect and the emotions come through so well. I could listen to her all day. The fic is unique, with a little bit of mystery, and the music fits it perfectly as well.

The Friday Box by [ profile] leela_cat read by [ profile] flamingolady, G, Severus gen.
Summary: Sometimes, when no one was watching, Severus Snape went into a windowless room and performed a private ritual taught to him by his Grandma Snape.
An interesting look at Jewish holiday traditions, hidden away in the Wizarding World. The reading is clear and even.

Foreplay by [ profile] joanwilder read by [ profile] amanitamuscaria, NC-17, Severus/Harry.
Summary: Harry discovers that anticipation is the best part of the holiday season.
A slow moving romance filled with lots of foreplay. She does a nice job reading, especially Snape's voice -- not too low, but very controlled.

Lights Out by [ profile] dhobikikutti read by [ profile] cantarina1, G, Parvati gen.
Summary: Not celebrating is still an event.
Another unique fic, this time looking at Indian holiday traditions. The reader did very well on her Hindi.

Not a Present by [ profile] kellychambliss read by [ profile] jenepod, PG, Severus, Pomona, Minerva gen.
Summary: On Christmas morning at Hogwarts, Severus receives a package.
A lovely fic about Snape's first Christmas as a teacher. I love Pomona's voice in this, and the overall delivery is excellent.

Shall Yourselves Find Blessing by [ profile] quill_lumos read by [ profile] teas_me, NC-17, Severus/Harry.
Summary: Returning to Hogwarts, Harry discovers Snape is living alone in a hovel and takes him in. As a thank you, Snape listens to Harry's sexual problems and offers a solution.
This is extremely easy to listen to, and both Harry and Snape are shown to go through a score of emotions.

Snow Fairies by [ profile] lash_larue read by Regina Nigellus, PG, Padma, Luna gen (pre-slash?).
Summary: Padma leaves the Yule Ball in anger and frustration, and stumbles across something extraordinary.
A wonderful look at Luna through Padma's eyes. The reader's accent is perfect for Padma's POV. Her fascination and astonishment come through very clear.

Spinsters on a Sunday Morning by [ profile] tetleythesecond read by [ profile] sylvaine57, R, Minerva/Irma Pince, Rita gen.
Summary: The headmistress is retiring, and Rita Skeeter is sent to interview her. Oh, how she looks forward to that.
An amusing fic. I love how she reads Rita's parts all fast and energetic and condescending compared to Minerva's parts, which are slower and more loving.

The Way of the World by [ profile] zionsstarfish read by [ profile] vaysh11, PG-13, Draco/Harry, Ron/Hermione.
Summary: Draco makes a living (barely) as delivery boy of holidays gifts. His last parcel for the day is for Mr. Harry Pot–
This is a beautiful, touching story. She does a fabulous job reading it, with Draco's desparation and yearning for comfort. The music is a German Christmas carol, which works so well with this fic.

So, go, listen, leave the authors and readers lots of good feedback!

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Okay, the Severus Snape Revival fest at Severus *sighs* has finished posting, and I have another rec for you all.

This one is weird and heartbreaking, but with some joviality in it and a happy ending. A shameless corruption of the movie Groundhog Day. Go read and leave her some love.

Title: Final Battle Day
Author: [ profile] roozette
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Rating: PG
Word Count: 6,070
Warnings: war, angst, repitition
Summary: Severus vividly remembers having his throat ripped out by Nagini. This memory becomes frequently less pleasant the more he has to relive it.
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Okay, so we are having a Revival fest for Severus Snape's birthday over at Severus *sighs*, which began last Monday and runs through Wednesday this week. There are some really funny and weird entries, my own included, as well as a few serious ones.

But this one in particular is amazing - poignant, emotional, melancholic, Snape as the hero and a better ending than JKR's. Please go read, even if you are not the biggest Snarry fan.

Title: in medias res
Author: [ profile] abraelj
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Rating: R
Word Count: 10,699
Warnings: None
Summary: Potter was in the corridor with Minerva that night – and Snape knew it.
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In honour of today, Severus Snape's 52nd Birthday, I come bearing more gifts!

Here are the fic recs for [ profile] snape_potter's Secret Snarry 2011.

I have 14 out of 38 fics to rec. *head desk*

A Chance Encounter, A Lasting Bond by [ profile] torino10154, PG-13, 1,275 words, fluff.
Summary/Prompt: Cider/apples, "The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes" (Frank Lloyd Wright), green.

A Sort-Of Christmas Story by [ profile] lelek, PG, 755 words, angst and fluff.
Summary/Prompt: A kiss goodnight. Severus never made anything easy, why should Christmas be any different?

Beyond Price by [ profile] atanvarne_lj, NC-17, 3,950 words (Chan, 17), some angst, mostly fluff.
Summary/Prompt: The twelfth gift Severus received is one he'll remember for the rest of his life.

Dissembling Truth by [ profile] the_kinky_pet, PG, 8,500 words, fluff
Summary/Prompt: Snowflakes, cabin in the woods, peppermint hot chocolate. Albus organizes a faculty retreat over the holidays, and Harry Potter desperately needs Severus’s help to discourage an overly persistent suitor!

Footprint by [ profile] tiptoedbow, PG, 1,341 words, angst.
Summary/Prompt: This time of year never gets any easier, does it? Harry pays homage at the war memorial.

Gift of the Magus by [ profile] bk7brokemybrain, R, 3,700 words, hot PWP and fluff.
Summary/Prompt: "Snape buys himself a holiday treat – Harry," "sex by the fireside", "Gift-wrapped Harry".

Lucky Bint (or Why Harry Potter Wants To Be Sleeping Beauty) by [ profile] asnowyowl, PG, 1,651, homour.
Summary/Prompt: There's nothing wrong with Harry's imagination.

Out Under the Sky by [ profile] the_kinky_pet, R, 1,000 words (Chan, 16), angst.
Summary/Prompt: Severus loved the rose garden in winter...

Severus and the Snow Globe by [ profile] suitesamba, PG-13, 3,700 words, humour and fluff.
Summary/Prompt:#17 - When Severus Snape comes to Harry Potter’s specialty shop in Diagon Alley to place an order, both the order—and the price—come with conditions.

The Honeymooners by [ profile] emynn and [ profile] veridari, R, 9,880 words, fluff.
Summary/Prompt: It's surprisingly easy to get married in the Wizarding world. It's rather more difficult to get divorced. And when Severus Snape finds himself bonded to Harry Potter ... well, things are bound to get complicated.

The Patient Winter by [ profile] elmyraemilie, PG, 2,884 words, fluff.
Summary/Prompt: "When nothing is sure, anything is possible." ~Margaret Drabble; hanging the stockings with care.

The Promise of Light in the Dark Days by [ profile] bk7brokemybrain, PG, 3,000 words, angst and fluff, gift to me, yes, I'm reccing this a second time.
Summary/Prompt: A rare disease clears out Hogwarts at Yuletide, giving Harry and Severus time together.

The Sensual Art of Brewing by [ profile] kjmom1, NC-17, 2,573 words, hot PWP.
Summary/Prompt: “You don’t actually think they’re friends, do you?”; nobody could understand why Severus Snape was acting so strangely; true pain.

Under the Mistletoe by [ profile] demarafis, PG-13, 3,000 words, humour.
Summary/Prompt: Just another forced bonding story. Really.

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In honour of today, the Feast of the Magi, I come bearing recs!

I finally finished reading all the Secret Snarry submissions. This post is for the art and poem recs. The next one will be for fic. The masterlist is up HERE and it is interesting to see all the new faces that participated in this smaller fest.

Poem Rec:
The One by [ profile] ladydeth12, PG, non-magical AU
Summary: Maybe Christmas won't be so lonely after all.

Art Recs:
Aglow by [ profile] perfect_potion, NC-17, sex before a fire
Summary: candles, winter wonderland, cuddling in front of the fire.

Age Appropriate by [ profile] veridari, G, exchanging gifts, (small drabble included)
Summary: Teddy's first Christmas with Harry & Severus, the funnier the better.

Harry and Santa's Helper by [ profile] sealcat, PG, chan but not sexual
Summary: Santa's best helper is looking after a lost boy who happens to magically appear in front of Santa's door.

Red String by [ profile] andreanna, G, soul mates, Chinese lore
Summary: They say that two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstances. This magic cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.

The Savior by [ profile] veridari, PG, Lily and Baby Harry, Auror Harry and Severus
Summary: 'For unto you is born this day in Godric's Hollow ... a Saviour.'

This last one is so awesome that I want to make Christmas (Harrymas?) cards of it!
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I will make a more full Secret Snarry rec list once I finish reading them all, but I wanted to let you all read the gift I was given by [ profile] bk7brokemybrain! It's completely awesome!!!!!!

Title: The Promise of Light in the Dark Days
Author: bk7brokemybrain
Rating: PG
Word count: ~ 3,000
Warnings: angst, UST (not going to spoiler the rest!)
Summary/Prompt: A rare disease clears out Hogwarts at Yuletide, giving Harry and Severus time together. For prompt #34 I included 'Silver bells' and 'alone at Hogwarts for the holidays'.

The Promise of Light in the Dark Days - go leave her tons of love!!!!!

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Okay, I saw the post today calling for a new mod for [ profile] do_me_veela for the up-coming Valentine's Day 2012 fest, and I realized I'd never recced anything from this year's. So here they are.

Calming Kiss by [ profile] sealcat, Snape/Harry. (points to icon for preview!)
Anything by [ profile] moonlitdark, Draco/Harry.
Healing by [ profile] sealcat, Snape/Harry.

How (Not) to Woo a Veela by [ profile] deirdre_aithne, Draco/Harry.
Summary: He had assumed all of the absurdity would stop with his birthday... Instead, things only seemed to be getting worse.

The Weight of Eternity by [ profile] envy_venis, Draco/Harry.
Summary: Desperate for survival, Draco takes what he needs from others while avoiding the one he’s meant to be with. His newfound compassion will not allow him to trap the one he loves, even if it means his own life is the price paid for Harry’s freedom of choice.

Covet by [ profile] morgana_fire, Draco/Harry.
Summary: Draco has just learned the shocking news that he is a Veela. Another surprise: a stranger has made his way into his home. Unfortunately, for Draco, that's when things go from bad to worse. Until Harry decides to save him. It might be more than he bargained for.

Dead Man's Bones by [ profile] bound_amalthea. Snape/Harry.
Summary: McGonagall calls Harry to her office to remove a spell placed on him as a toddler by Dumbledore. After the spell is removed, Harry discovers he's actually part Veela and finds himself dealing with puberty all over again with his Veela nature.

Above All by [ profile] leo_draconis, Draco/Harry, side Draco/Astoria.
Summary: Draco has just agreed to marry Astoria Greengrass when he goes through an agonizing change and discovers he's a Veela. Desperate to hide it from his father in fear of being disowned, he vows to find a way out of bonding with his chosen mate, Harry Potter, whom he still despises. The problem is, he must find a solution before his twenty-fifth birthday – for if he fails, he dies.

I don't seem to have left comments for most of these for some reason, but much love to them all!
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I almost forgot about [ profile] hd_owlpost which ran round 1 for Halloween.

Given by me:
Pumpkin Poem for [ profile] hpfangirl71, Draco/Harry, prompts were "autumn" and "pumpkin", warning: poetry.

Given to me:
The lovely icon above by [ profile] hpfangirl71.

The Hunt by [ profile] skriftlig, Draco/Harry, prompt was "werewolves".

Thanks so much for the gifts!

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I participated in two Halloween gift exchanges this year, [ profile] dmhghalloween and [ profile] hp_halloween, and here are the gifts given and received!

Given by me:
The UnDead May Be With Us for [ profile] eilonwy1, Draco/Hermione, prompt was "undead", warning: dystopia AU.

Choices for [ profile] literaryspell, Draco, Harry, prompt was "twisted minds", warning: dark!fic.

Gifts to me:
She's My Ghoulfriend by [ profile] strawberry_kait, Draco/Hermione, prompt was "cemetery".

Content at Last by [ profile] rivertempest, Snape/Harry/Hermione, prompt was "vampires".

Thanks so much for the gifts! They have been wonderful treats!

Also, a big "Thank you!" to all who sent me spiders: [ profile] isisanubis, [ profile] accioslash, [ profile] kitty_fic, [ profile] literaryspell, [ profile] fancypantsdylan, [ profile] katelinmr, [ profile] valkyriekat_47, [ profile] fire_juggler, and [ profile] carolinelamb! I wish I could return the favour, but I don't have a paid account, so smooches from here will have to suffice! Love you all!

And a special "Thank You!" to [ profile] isisanubis for the terrific Halloween post card. That was a very nice surprise.

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Here is a link to the lovely, complete HP Tarot Deck by Ellygator. It's a beautiful deck.

Each thumbnail takes you to the bigger image, which has a full description of the significance of the card and why she chose each image. Harry Potter characters represent most of the Major Arcana and the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of each Minor Arcana. Events from the series are used for the rest of the cards. I completely agree with all of her choices.

She has permission from JKR's people to produce it but never heard back from Warner Bros. You can buy the deck from her for either $80 or $100 USD.


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Here's a lovely piece of art detailing all the major characters and items in DH2, in anime style, G-rating.

Characters in Deathly Hallows

I went "awww" when I got to Severus.

The Golden Trio's determined looks were brilliant, and everyone's facial expressions were well done, too.

My only critique is that I would have placed Ginny with Neville and Luna, instead of with her family, as I think of those three as the Silver Trio.

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Okay, I have a rec for all my het friends. CuddleBear just finished her long Draco/Ginny fic, and it turned out to be a very nice romance, so go read!

Set in Stone by cuddlebear992
Rating: T
Chapters: 61
Word Count: ~175,000
Warnings: some violence

Summary: "I-I can't do it! I just can't…" She froze when she recognized the voice inside the bathroom. She had heard it many times before mocking her. But it had never sounded as vulnerable as it did now, never as troubled. She had never heard Draco Malfoy cry.
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Here are my fic and art recs for the third and final week. There were a ton of good ones!

The Alluring Time, PG-13, 10K, CHAN CREATURE!FIC, Harry is going to celebrate his tenth birthday and comes into his creature inheritance. Severus commits the ultimate ‘sacrifice’ to save the wizarding world from a new Dark Lord.

Perfect, NC-17, 18K, DRAMA ROMANCE, Harry decides to rescue Snape from a life in Azkaban by marrying him. Snape is the ‘perfect wife.’ In his own snarky way.

Christmas Morning, NC-17, 1K, DARK, The best Christmas presents don't fit under the tree.

Beautiful Delusion, NC-17, 11K, DRAMA ROMANCE, 10 years post-war, Snape wakes up with his husband Harry. He clearly remembers dying in the war and is convinced that this is all a deathbed delusion.

Olly, Olly, Oxen Free, G, 1.5K, CHARACTER STUDY, He'd always worn his hair long enough to cover his eyes, even as a child.

Balance of Power, NC-17, 2K, PWP, "Let's not lie to ourselves, Snape. You want me. There's no denying it now."

Trouble with Texting, NC-17, 1K, COMEDY, Severus never had a mobile phone before, all those buttons, so many possibilities.

Aftermath, NC-17, 7K, DRAMA, Severus regards Harry for a long moment, then leans in again, breath trailing across Harry’s lips. "Choose carefully, Potter. This is no time for games."

Finding My Place, R, 4K, SEXUAL EXPLORATION, The first time Harry walks in on Snape spanking a student in detention he's more than a little shocked. But soon he realizes he wishes that it was him face down over Snape's lap, with his bare, stinging arse in the air.

Catch and Release, R, 5K, DRAMA FRIENDSHIP, Harry has a “tell,” when he needs affection. Ron never realized Severus had the same one.

Master of Hallows, demon!Harry
The Last Memory, character death
By Heart, romantic

It's been a great fest. Thank you, mods!

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Here are my fic and art recs for second week:

Harry Potter and the Secret Island, NC-17, 31K, NON-MAGICAL AU, ACTION/ADVENTURE, In 1967 Harry is a journalist working for a music magazine who is convinced that record producer Thomas Riddle killed his parents.

Marital Probation Bliss, NC-17, 7K, COMEDY, Voldemort's been gone five glorious years, and the magical world is slowly coming back to sanity. The one exception is their hero, Harry Potter - his job, his friends, and his love life all seem to be lacking. Regret urges him toward a decision that will shake the foundations of his life.

With Time, R, 10K, HURT/COMFORT, Harry has to deal with the trauma of being raped and choosing to have an abortion. Snape, as the training supervisor at the company Harry and he work at, gets a call from Harry's healer and decides that something has to be done.

Nine Days Wonder, NC-17, 8K, CREATURE FIC, A prophecy is revealed in which Snape has to be impregnated by Harry in order to give birth to the key to Voldemort's demise. The catch – it's not a baby. AU in which Dumbledore died from the curse before Draco could attempt to kill him, the trio didn't run off on a camping trip, Ron makes good on his early promise of being a brilliant strategist and Snape gets his usual shit deal from fate. He does get heroically shagged, though.

Bump and Grind, NC-17, 6K, ROMANCE, Harry is drawn to a dark, mysterious man in a gay pub and he loses his virginity during what he thinks will be a one-night stand.

An Accidental Opportunity, NC-17, 18K, DE-AGE ROMANCE, Snape was de-aged during the final battle and sent to live with his parents. Neither of whom is any better equipped to raise him a second time. So, twist on a familiar trope. Harry saves Severus from the Snapes.

Vice Versa, R, 7K, COMEDY/DRAMA, Slughorn has abused members of his slug club before. Snape is determined that Harry won't suffer as he did. But that's just the start.

Transformative Images, NC-17, 6K, VEELA, DRAMA, Harry is changing, and no one knows why.

Dark Lovers, NWS, dark!Harry and dark!Severus
Disapproving Godfather, comedy, includes Remus/Sirius
At All Costs (Protector Part 2), very-hurt!Harry
The Dark Lord and His Warrior, dark!Severus
After the Hunt, non-magical AU

There is still a third week for me to read and rec.

Reveals go up tomorrow, so I will at last be able to tell you which one is mine!

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Here are my fic and art recs from Snarry-a-thon 2011 first week:

Playing With Matches, NC-17, 13K, ROMANCE, Harry Potter finds no greater happiness in life than helping others fall in love. But he can’t quite seem to summon that same joy when Severus Snape shows up and asks him to find his match.

Blood Sugar Sex Magic, R, 5K, SPIRITUAL, When Snape taught Harry Occlumency lessons back in fifth year, he left an impression. Harry, being Harry, cannot leave it alone.

Cupid Stunt, PG-13, 8K, COMEDY, Is it really wise to put a bow and arrow in the hands of a man with a grudge and no hesitation about shooting people in the back?

Love, Thieves, and Fear, R, 13K, HORROR/GHOST, Blissful newlyweds Harry and Severus move into Godric's Hollow, excited to start their new life together. But when the house goes from being drafty to deadly and Harry falls ill, Severus is forced to confront his fears in order to preserve his chance at lifelong happiness.

I Was Adrift, NC-17, 18K, MYSTERY DRAMA, After the war, Harry finds Snape is alive - and in Azkaban. Unfortunately, the only people allowed to visit inmates are immediate relations - or their spouses.

Normal States of Mind, NC-17, 8K, DRAMA BONDAGE MIND-FUCKERY, After his youngest child leaves for Hogwarts, Harry is plagued by dreams of a dark-robed man, a stranger whose face he can’t see. Harry seeks Snape’s help in alleviating his dreams.

The Midnight Wanderers, PG, 2K, CUTE NEXT-GEN, Next generation kids play matchmaker for Harry and Severus. After all, Harry and Severus need all the help they can get.

Stand By Me (Protector Part 1), hurt!Harry, protective!Severus
Rose, Wormwood, Gall, Rue, Catholic AU
Little Matchmakers, comedic intervention
New World, dark!Harry
Stuffed, NWS, stuffed-animal porn

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! I will be back sometime with recs from the second week. I'm just now getting there (Yes, I'm a week behind. Actually there's one more from week one--caro's big one at 30K--that I haven't even started yet!).
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So, this is my Zodiac year, and I found these plushie keychain dolls made for each Chinese symbol. Obviously, mine is the Rabbit!

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Plushie

"Rabbits are sensitive creatures, full of creativity and compassion. They're friendly and prefer the company of others. Rabbits will avoid conflict at all costs, so go ahead and take advantage of them, they'll probably let you. They also hate taking risks." That's me to a tea.

This same company has a few plushies from HP: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Severus and Draco. Too cute!

Severus Snape Plushie

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Aha! Reveals are up over at [ profile] snape_potter for this year's Snarry Swap.

Here are my art recs. Please note they are all NWS!

A Hot Shower by [ profile] snapy_90 . The style reminds me of anime without the big eyes. Love the sideways slant to the image and the feeling of the water sliding down their backs.

After the Sacrifice by [ profile] veridari . Something about this piece really hints at the fullness of the fic it was drawn for, maybe it's the Stonehenge setting, maybe it's the crow in the upper corner, maybe it's the darkness that suggests the lateness of the event, but whatever it is, I likey!

I Found You in the Dreamland - Green by [ profile] sealcat . It's white and green pencil on black paper and it's absolutely ethereal. Really gorgeous and peaceful and eternal. Go look!

Severus Snape and the Samurai's Sword by [ profile] majmunka . Totally hilarious! Perfect emulation of Japanese erotic art with a Snarry twist. Amazing how well the artist managed to mesh these two cultures.

Up Against the Wall by [ profile] pennswoods . Lovely in its kinks: light bondage, wall!sex, cuddling. There is so much tenderness and contentment in both characters and both pieces. Well done, dear!

What Must Be Done by ponderosa121. More great kinks: wax-play, nipple pinching, vampire bites. The ambiance of the art is startling, the play of light and shadow, the floating candles, the red and green magic -- all of it wonderful. The bodies are well drawn, too.

And, of course, let us not forget my very own gift by the talented [ profile] venturous1 , You Belong to Me, Now. All Dark-lovers should squee at this one! Severus' defeat and resignation is palpable, and Harry's eyes and smirk are devious. The freshly-imprinted tattoo is to die for! See icon above for the preview!

Now, if I could ever finish reading through the fics ...
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I participated in [ profile] snape_ldws secret santa exchange. Here is the link to the drabble I wrote for [ profile] delayed_poet and the one I received from [ profile] _lore.


Magical Lights, Sev/Hr, Rating PG, Warnings none.

What Both See, Sev/Harry, Rating PG-13, Warnings snogging. I huge "thank you" to [ profile] _lore for this one. I love my present!

Hope everyone had a happy holidays, happy new year, and happy belated birthday, Severus!

Snarry rec

Nov. 24th, 2010 07:34 am
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This particular story was written for the Severus *sighs* Grand Challenge but has been hiding behind an f-lock over there. I finally asked the author if she would re-post it to her LJ not friends-locked so everyone can read it.

The Merryweather Hotel by [ profile] conzieu
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 28400
Warnings: EWE, rimming, anal
Summary: Twelve years after the fall of Voldemort, the wizarding world faces the threat of ever decreasing birth rate and eventual extinction. The return of one man from self-imposed exile brings a solution, though not without controversy. While insuring the man’s protection, Auror Harry Potter discovers that curses sometimes carry hidden blessings.

This was one of the best Snarry stories I've had the pleasure to read. It's a slow romance with a well-built plot, very endearing and refreshing! Superbly written.

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