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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

So, here were the words found around our house today:


squak squak squak squak squak squak squak squak squak!


My older son was pretending to be a bird, defending his egg. We had to try to steal it from him while he was "asleep", then he would chase us through the house. Crazy boy. ;)


Jul. 8th, 2011 03:47 pm
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My toddler was sick on Saturday, so I had to take him to the ER just for the stupid urine test. (I don't trust the urgent care center by our house for that.) Then my mom had it Sunday evening and Monday. I had it Wednesday night and yesterday. Now my older son has it. Just fever and an achy body feeling, but still annoying.
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So my husband and older son like to make up songs throughout the day, and today we were all swimming. They came up with the first two lines, and I just couldn't resist the second two lines.

Fish are swimming, swimming in the ocean,
Fish are moving, moving with the motion,
Fish are gliding with nary a notion,
That Severus collects them for a potion.

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I took my son for his dentist check-up this morning, and when he came back out, the dental assistant said that he was the most well-behaved three-year-old they've ever had. He sat/laid still for them and was very pleasant and happy that it made their day. I just had to smile. He's such a good kid.
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This is just a poem/song I wrote for my son a few months after he was born (that would be three years ago). It's filled with sweet fluffiness!

poem for kids )
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Today my second son turns one!

He's been cruising the furniture for weeks now and yesterday he took two tentative steps unassisted!

He is so ready to run after his big brother.
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Okay, this is the cutest thing out there on the web! Mind you, I despise Anne Geddes' horrible crap of babies dressed as flowers and what-not, but this is different (well, all except the last one) because the sleeping infant is dressed in normal clothes. She just built the scene around him.

Babies and utter cuteness this way!

My favorite is the astronaut one!

Mila Space Baby
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Today is my son's third birthday and party this afternoon! He even made his own "Happy Birthday" signs for decoration yesterday. Yay for happy little boys!
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My husband was telling our almost-3-year-old the Three Little Pigs story before bed last night and my son was really, really into it, getting the big eyes at the wolf and laughing when his dad blew into his hair like the wolf blowing the houses down. Then, Dad got to the end of the story and didn't know what to do. The original just has the wolf walking away frustrated, but he thought that was too lame.

He asked our son what the wolf should do next, and Teklo answered: "Bomb it!"

So, the wolf bombs the three little pigs' brick house but there's not enough of the pigs left to eat.

The End.
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My baby ended up running fever all weekend.  He was miserable at night as well as during the day.  My hubby still went ahead with putting in cabinets in the playroom and so I was stuck looking after both kids the whole time.  His fever finally went away early Sunday but for some reason he kept waking every couple of hours screaming bloody murder and it was hard to settle him down.

Needless to say I was exhausted and didn't get any reading much less writing done.  I had promised my readers the next Voltron installment tonight.  Not going to happen now.  So much for personal deadlines.
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All my precious darlings are cute when they're asleep, like right now!

When they're awake, they're either funny and amusing or irritable and frustrating, or at least the two-year-old is, the baby not so much.  Poor baby fusses and cries when he gets tired, but at least he goes to sleep quickly.  The toddler, if not already exhausted, will throw a tantrum "Not go to bed!" and you just sort of stand there and let him cry for 10-20 minutes.  So crazy.
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 My baby is sick with UTI, so now the doctor wants to run tests on the Kidney/Bladder tract to look for abnormalities.  Bleh!  What a pain in the butt.  He's such a good baby too.  I hate to do this to him.  :(

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