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Thought you all could enjoy a little poetry.  This was written by me several years ago as a response to a novel by Tanya Huff called Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light and the characters and plot belong to her.  It's made for the protagonist, a bard, and sums up the story pretty well so no need to have read the book first.  There was an old medieval tune in my head while composing it which gave me the rhythm and rhyme scheme.

Sing the Four Quarters )
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 So, Lent began yesterday.  Some people, like my mother, think it's a season of suffering.  Others, like my husband and coworker, ignore it completely.  I still see it as a time to re-evaluate my life and beliefs.  I don't always give up something for Lent, sometimes I add.  In the past I've given up sweets or cokes or picking my nose or I've added in morning prayers or evening rosaries or alms-giving from my spare change.  Lately, I agreed with our pastor that the end result should be change to be a better person.  Last year I gave up reading fanfiction and replaced it with reading up and working on strengthening my relationship with my husband.  This year I am giving up listening to all regular rock and pop music and will only listen to the Christian rock station.  Those songs tend to be more uplifting and filled with Light and Hope.

My husband hates hope.  He feels it is linked too closely to anxiety.  He would much prefer to live in the now instead of the past or the future, for now is the only time when you can take action and affect change.  Even planning for the future, which he does do, has to happen now.  Unfortunately, a lot of people don't see it that way and if they don't have hope in a better tomorrow then they end up depressed today, grieving for yesterday.
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 This is my new journal, probably mostly for fanfic drabbles.  Write on!

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