Aug. 18th, 2016

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Title: Cold to All That Might Have Been
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Reader: [personal profile] starduchess
Beta: [personal profile] sisi_rambles
Cover Artist: phoenixcharm180 and [personal profile] starduchess
Summary: Severus was not doing well, and Harry's patience was coming to an end.
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Rating: mild R
Word Count: 1200
Warnings: *angst, PTSD*
Author Notes: Written for Severus Snape Fest 2016. Thanks to the patient mods!
Link to Text: here
Length: 00:09:50
File Size: mp3 9MB | m4b 18MB
Podficcer Notes: Recorded for HP_Podfic_Fest 2016. Music "Anguish" by Kevin MacLeod, used under CCL. His website is Thank you to [personal profile] goddess47 for writing and offering this angst-ridden fic. It was a delight to read; I hope I managed to get all the emotions right. Thank you to phoenixcharm180 for the use of her piece "Affection" from this year's Snarry-a-Thon for the cover art. I manipulated it a tad (took out the blush and made it blue) so that it would fit with the mood of this fic. And final thanks goes to [personal profile] sisi_rambles for her quick beta listen. Hope you all enjoy!

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mp3 || m4b

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