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Title: [personal profile] starduchess
Author: Earth Day Frisky
Pairing(s)/Characters/Fandom: Harry/Lyna
Challenge: Luna, Black Lake, Earth day (tangetially(
Summary: Luna dn Harry ejoy romantic day at te like.
Rating/Warnings: R
Word count: ~1700
Author's Notes (if any): so drunk. Already threw up, but am feeling bettter. Sorry for this. Lol. Written for [community profile] firewhiskeyfic April 2017.

"Come on Harry," says Luna. She olds out her hand and becons for him to come over to her from the other end of the Grat Hall. "It's going to be a lovely day outside for humddlywinks. I want to have a picnic."

"Okay, " says Harry, who is used to her strange antics and sayings. Who lknows what mhummddlywinks are, but he can't refuse Luna. She's too good a freind. Always there for hism. Always cheering him on. Always believing in him even when others didn't. He was devistated when she'd been targeted and hurt during the war. Now that that was all over, he's come to pay speciall attention to her.

They walked out to the Black Lake, the day peaceful and warm. Spring waws already in the air and school was almost over. Both of them had returned in the fall--Harry for his eighth and Luna for her seventh, and so they had had multiple classes together. Next month was the first anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts and end to the war and then they would have NEWTS. But before all that, they could breathe with the simple joys of sprintime.

They waked all around the lake. (<-- hey, that riyhmes!)

(Dammit I just notieced I put everything in present tense. Sorry buys!)

There was an outcroppin gof rockes on the falr side of the lake, from which you couldn't see the castle. Must have mbeen near the mermaids. Harry wasn't sure, but it looked close to hwhere he'd been during the tournament four years before. Not that that mattered now, as long as they stayed in the water and not swim up here to the rocks. The point is that it awas private!

Lua magicked a pickneic basket from her robe pocket and a blanket to spread out on the rocks.

"What do we have to eat, Lucna?" harry askeds. (darn present tense!)

"Let's see. I asked the house elves for food s perfect for hummddlywink activities. They had the oddest looks on their faces, but complied right away. So let's look!" She opened the basket and starts taking out food. "Humm, cooke d cabbage, ham, nice!, oysters, oh very good, some bread, Gouda cheedse , yes, green olives, pickeled rasdishes, my favourity, goes with my earnings" Harry thought the same " ah, avodcado, fvery tropical, will do well wit the oysters, some honey and tea, -- chamovmile, lovely!-- and dark chocolate! All good things."

Harry gould agree with that assement . He loved most of that stuff , maybe not the pickled radish so much, but he'd eat it for luna's sacke. "Sounds good. Antying to drink?"

"Oh, champange of course."

'Oof courcse, pass me whatever you want first." Harry smiles at here, enjoying the day of sunchine and no sutddying and no worrining about Voldement. :)
Luna hands him the oysters and then opens the champagne. She pours i t for both of them and then spreads some Gouda (well, cuts in first and then places it on the bread -- it's not Brie ofr goodness sake! It wdoesn't spread!). On toast. Or bread, whichever they bprefre because their wizards and can just oast the bread with a flick of their wands. Lazy bastards! I want makgick!

(wow, I'm actually being a comedice drunk this time instad of sleepy. I'm usually spleepy and have problems finsihing thise things,, but tonight Im wide awake, yay!)

Harry accpets the toast with gratitude and gives her a n easy smile for the champange. I tode goes down (in small sips) with eerver vescence, so like Muggle coake but dryer, more bitter. He likes it, especially when Luna smiles back at him.

She eats dseveral olives and then feeds some to Harry. He giggles a little at the first one, gently taking it fom her fingers, and he becomes moer playgul with the rest of the bites. First using his otongue to grave the olive from her and then tusing his teeth to bite them from her, catchering her fingers in the process. They taste loverly too, salty and sweet.

"Tis is wondwerfull, Luna. Such a nice tday."

"Yes, I agree," she says as se toussses back a n oyster and lets ist slide down her througat. She raises her eyebrows in suggestion, and Harry doesn't tmiss that. He nnknows she wants more than oysters. Somthing just as slimy but infinitely more ing (strachth that@) in enjjoyable for both of them.

"Come here." he says.

She skoots mforaward and presses her lisps to Harry. Good job, lucna. Ready to dgo!

Harry is very happy that she takes this pportinity to show him twhat she feels about him. He sresponds in kind. Lot os fkissing and tongues. His hand goes up to her fac eand he lholds on to her jaw, cupping around to the back of her haead. She sighs,. He groands. Another arpart of his anataomy comes to the foregraound. He wants to tough her. He wants her to touch him.

She sseeems to know thins because tshe presses into hi m fmore . cooting toward him . Se lays forward into him,p ressing her wight into him.Harry responds in cking. Allwing her ot lean into him, oeingin heis pmouth more ot her and uing is tongue.. She sttles her wigt ot him and he accpetse her mboyd, tongues sliding otgeher, iving pleaurre.

Luna finally fives all her wight into im his arms go around her, craddling her close. His moth opinins more to her and she fives as too da tongues as he ives. Se ffels so good. Loes him , he's sure. She's a great friend. More so, erally.

H lays back in the grass and lucna follows. He cups her cbuttocks and she cmoans, very enthusiastic aout pussing her tongine into his moth. Harr is vwey cglad for the privacy of these rockss so that he an fondler her ottom as he sseeems fit. He gerks her ass forward and she resonpnds hin kind. Butcking into him.

"Is this alright", he preabks for a secona nd askes her.

"Oh, yes, more Harry. This is for you." she says.

He dosesn't wuestion his good luc,k instead presses further into her from elow..

She complies leaning into him further. He loe sit all her wight on him. She feels so solicd, so perfect into him. He pulles her further aonto him

-(oh goodness, I thin I might rough up first tiem. Hubby had done it before, but I've never beeen this drink. wow.)( okay let's ontinue on with fic) (maybe I'll sober up a little if I jsut plow hon.

Harry' carresses Luna on her head and cbac while holding er She starts diggining int o is groin with er pelvis ad ist's just too mch. So much. Sin. so much postential. He grab her buttockes and pulls her closer. She moans from teh intse contanct. So hdoes he.
They can't wait to be a part of eah other. Harrry casts a dsroing charm on both of them ad Luna groans at the instant skin-to skin contanct. It's heaven. He's not felt soemthing so intese except when he faced Voldy. But this is so much bettter. Lovely skinn. Keat . lnging. Passopm

Je sett;es jer agaomst jo, frp, abpve / Sje cp,[;oes amd sots pdpwm pm jos erect ,emtber / Tjere os a ;ott;e rpp, wjere sje sqioales at tje omtrisopm ad tjem sje os ,pamomg/ :pve;u cpmtact

(wow, jusy came back to this and realizes I was off my a keey. Man , drinking will do that to you!)

O\(okay back to dstory. Where was I?"__

Harry was getting intense to Luna being on top of him. Loving the feeling actually. LSo he cast a verbal wandless spell to get them naked and maoened at the contact. So nice. So loavely. So warm and inviting. Luna didn't mind anywhere he wated to touch incuding her breasts. Such soft mounds and her mippleds were heavenly peaks. He pulled her int ohim , mashing ethieir groins togeter.

She sighed ad moaned. Letting i know tis was okay. He pushed further upward into her ahnd breached her womanhood. She let out a loaud gasp at the intrusion. But it flelt good, to boyhe oth themm. He couldn't belive whe wwas inside her. So warm and moist. She thrust into him and he thrust up into her. Such wonderful friction.

The y continued on like this without interruption until she susddelny gasped. "Harry1" he tensed and she convlulsed for a second before collapsing on to p of him. "Wow, that was nice. Do you want to finsh? "

Of course he did. She rocked into him and he pushed onward into her. Such delicious heat, ad now tere was mosture to aide his way in. So smoothe and moist and haot. He loved Luna for this. He cme, suddenly, into her. No worning. Just he sensation overhelmed him.

"So sgood, " he panted.

She apgreed, still on top ofhim, a nice wight to the rest of the day. Luna finally sighs and drops her head aonto the pillow ofhis chest. "So good," she agrees.

They lay like that for a while and finally sneeeds to get up. "Can't stay out here forever," he says to her "McGonagalll or Pomphrey willl come for us otherwise."

"Luna giggles. "So true, Harry. I tikn we've done anough wimmly dinks for one afteroon." Sclimbs on top of him and casts an cleaning charm. It feesl weird, but he nknows he's not had to come in his trousers. They get dressied ad head back to the castle.

Befoer the entrance, she greats him with a quick kiss. " No more sayings in te Great Halll ofr commons room, yes?

"Yes, Luna. I on't teelll,. Although they might guesss."

Se agreeres and sescorts him anyway toGriffidor Tower.

"Aren't I supposed to me excorting you? " he aks.

"Maybe, " she shrudsg. "Make difference to me--none."

S He chuckles at her and stands, adjusting his shirt. "Weelll, then, I'll see in sumaer.

The end

(omg, so bad>.)


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Haha, I remember reading this at firewhiskey fic. Drunken cleverness. I like the way you stuck your voice in now and then 🦉🦉🦉🦉 4 tipsy post owls out of 5!

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