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Title: Rituals of Contentment
Author: [personal profile] starduchess
Pairing: Snape/Lily
Rating/Warnings: R for sex, infedelity
Word count: 1020
Challenge: Lily, cauldron, autumn
Summary: Lily wanders into the Forbidden Forest and finds Sanpe performing a fall ritual.
Author's Notes: Written for [community profile] firewhiskeyfic in October 2016 and not edited. my bad typing!!!! sorry foldks. Was't really as typisy as I would like, but I was also on some ibuprofen and didn't want to have bleeding.

fav drunk fic

Lily wandered around the Hagwarts ground, trying to get her mind off of stupid James and stupid Lupin and especially stupid Black, who had all been pranking stupid Ministry officials again. She thoght that after getting married and James becomeing an Auror, the boys were settling down and maturing. Not so. And she was fed up with it.

So here she was , wandering her owld school with persmission of course, tying to simplify here life. Or at least settle her mind. Unfortunately most of the wschool was still filled with memories of their school days and especially school pranks, so she left the wards and wandered into the vForbidden Forecst. It wasn't a full moon, and she knew lots of charms and hexes to keep out creatures from harming her, so wshe wasn't worried.

The air was peaceful and just a tad chilly. She shivered a little and pulle dher cloak around her more firmly, as London teneded to be more mild in the fall than Scotland. Still she enjoyed the brisk air as it tossed around some fallen tleaves. The trees would ahve been a pretty reds and yellows if it hadn't aleready been after dark. No matter, that scents and sounds of the forecst were rehfreashing and soothing to her eweary mind.

In fact, the scents were fvery nice and appealing, one whif in particular she really liked. Cinnamon and nutmeg, alwasys two favourites this time of year. Her mother back home would bake cinnamon and netmeg into her hot cholcolate on windy nights -- so delicius.

She followed the cscent, wondering where it could have been coming from him in the woods. Eventually she saw a far-off light in a clearing. Not a torch or lumos, but a fire in a pit or grill. The scent got stronger as she approached it an she could hear chanting as well. Her eyes became droopy as she approached and her mouth relaxed into a smile.

She stepped out into a clearing with a large cauldron over a fire placed in the center of a ring of stones. She stopped before the ring, her eyes mesmerized on the flames and her body swaying with the chaniting. She felt content and happy.

Hands came around from her back and started opening her robe. She still felt at pease and not at all distrubed so let him dcontinue. Nice hands, she thought. Long and potion-stanined. /with bitten off finger nails that she snew was a nervous habit from days when his father was drunk, days when she knew he was figting feelings of insecurity and nervousness, things that he had put away upon being a first year and having James an d Dirius treat him so aufullying.

"I'm sorry, sEverus," she said, "They never shoudl ahve spoken out atgainst you."

She was sure he heard her, but he didn't respond back, just kept up a litany of low, melodic chants. He undid her cloak aand removed it and then methodically undid her dress. It was of a deep orange color that set off her eyes and hair, not quite complimentary but not a repulsive contrast either, soethimg earthy. She grinned as hie undressed her, not woorried or uncomfortable at all. As her delicate, pale skin was revealed, he kissed it, each inch, worrishipping her. She felt warm and cherished. She had forgotten what his charm was when she had aended their friendship and started dating James. She had forgeottten his regard for her, his singlemidnded foucus on her, and for once it was flattering.

When she was naked, he purred her a drink from the cauldron, warm and infused with pmagic and cinnamon. It reminded her again of those hot chocolates and how they had chased away the fear and the cold. Here they chased again her fears and anxioutyies and she just smiled at the acalmness of the moment.

Having finished, he took the cup from her hands, and then he cupped her hace and kissed her. Soft ansd weet. She melted into him and reveled in this divine slowness. James aws never slow; always rushed and hot, passionate and eager to have her, devout, yes, but never really taking his time with her. This was different. This was reverent , and she enjoyed it fully. Snape touched her isn ways she wanted to be touched, gentle and slow and all over.

When he lowered her body to the ground, it was simple and easy with kisses all the way. His hands touche her everyewhere and his mouth flood behind. She was panting adn writhing by the time he finally entered her, still slow bu t firm. She arched up winto him, taking him deeper, wrapping her legs around his waist. She gloried in the attention, feeling foull and complete and toatally obsorved in her own pleasure.

Severus went slow, chanting all the while. The fire danced ovff his skin and gave it a healthy warm glow, unlike his normal daylight skin, which was pasty and white. This Severus looked brilliant as she floated in excstadsy.

Hours passed, or at leaset time seemed to have no meaning. Se hung in a world of sensation, loving every moment of it and whishing it wouldnt ever stop. Bt eventually his pacing deid speed up and she finally found her climax, a river surging through her body and oul . She didn't know how long she laid there [ ono -- we just went over this weith my sons - should be lay)], but as morning light dawned she was heading back out of the Forbeindden Forest fully dressed. Her thoughts were muddled but happy, confused but content. She didcn't say antying to the headmaster or James, but instead let the incident go and continued on with her life.

Things inmproved with james, epsecially when she found herself pregnant. Everyone owas all smiles and hugs, even when the child came out months later with black hair. James and the rest of his family had always had very dark brown hair - almost black. But Harry's ereally did seem to be black. Lily just shrudded and went about her day.

The end.


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