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Title: Fears Within
Author/Artist: [personal profile] starduchess
Character(s): Harry (gen)
Rating: R
Word count: 300
Content/Warning(s): potential torture and character death (but none actual)
Summary: Harry was only looking for Malfoy, but what he found was much more terrifying.
A/N: Written for [community profile] hp_darkarts Back to School comment fest 2016, for [personal profile] capitu's prompt: Harry finds the opposite of the Mirror of Erised. Set beginning of sixth year.

"Dammit, I know Malfoy came down this hallway," muttered Harry as he peered around another empty corridor in an obscure part of Hogwarts castle. He had been following Malfoy, hoping to catch him at whatever evil scheme he was up to. Unfortunately, Malfoy seemed to have disappeared and Harry was lost. He opened doors into empty classrooms and walked down three more side hallways with no luck.

Opening yet another heavy, wooden door, Harry glanced into a junk storage room. The dust was heavy, and there were several pieces of furniture in the middle of the room that blocked his view. He walked inside, circling the room looking for Malfoy, thinking he might be hiding behind a stool or something. Harry rounded the far corner and was taken aback by the enormous mirror in front of him. He stared helplessly at it, terror and disbelief warring inside him.

Before him, he saw himself bloodied and beaten and weak, yet all around him people were laughing and going about their days, Death Eaters were greeted with respect on the streets, Voldemort walked openly into the courtyard and sat on a throne with Dumbledore kneeling at his feet, the both of them torturing some Muggle, whose screams didn't phase the passing witches and wizards. Bellatrix hauled out Hermione and stabbed her to death while pedestrians applauded. And Ron walked by, a gaggle of girls clinging to him as he lifted a white Death Eater mask to his face.

Harry backed up and stumbled over the old furniture. He turned his head and sicked up onto the floor, breathing heavily and shaking. No, it couldn't be like this. No.

Catching his breath, he stood and ran out of the room, not even glancing at the Mirror of Raef, all thoughts of Malfoy gone.

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