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Title: That Necklace Becomes You
Author: [personal profile] starduchess
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1280
Summary: After a long day, Harry comes home to a new surprise for relieving tension.
Warnings: rimming, anal beads, deep-throating
A/N: Written for Round 1 of wand_in_a_knot. This was fun and I'm glad I had a great idea right away for the prompt: "That's supposed to fit in there?"

Harry barely had time to register that Severus was hiding behind the door when he was tackled and snogged senseless against the wall. He'd had a long day and the feeling of Severus' lips on his, firm body pressing into his, hands clawing at the muscles on his back was the perfect way to relieve tension. He moaned into his lover's touch, needing more.

Severus ran his hands up and down Harry's body, easing stress and kneading arousal. He could feel the tension in Harry's shoulders and knew of a perfect way to relieve it. He didn't allow Harry any time to think, only time to accept his caresses. He slid Harry's arms up over their heads and with a muttered spell had them tied to the ceiling.

Harry moaned again as he felt the cords wrap around his wrists. "Oh, God, Sev, yes. Please, I need this."

He chuckled at Harry's urgency. "Yes, I can tell." He banished Harry's outer robes but took his time undoing each button, kissing and licking at the skin revealed there. He had Harry writhing a bit by the time he reached his navel.

"Oh, please, don't tease me today. Hurry."

Severus chuckled again. "Don't worry; you'll be taken good care of."

Harry smiled in response. "I know. I trust you, Sev; it's just been a tiring day, so please hurry."

"In that case." He didn't waste any more words getting Harry's fly undone and lowering both trousers and pants to the floor, helping him step out of shoes and socks as well. He held each foot and dug his thumbs into the bottom pads, causing Harry to moan more with the relief of muscle pain.

"Oh, yeah, you give the best massages, Severus." Harry closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the wall. It was wonderful how freeing this was. No worries, just all sensation. He felt Severus' hands glide up his calves and knead his hamstrings. All the day's problems were melting away, replaced by heat. A jolt of arousal went through him as those hands grabbed his buttocks, and it became full on hardness as Severus swiped a tongue over his sensitive balls. He whimpered. "Please."

Severus obliged with more licks to balls and penis. He knew Harry liked long strokes up and down his prick and made sure to cover every inch of his lover's hardness. But he also had other plans for tonight, so he moved one of Harry's knees up and out of the way. He muttered a cleaning charm and then licked the sensitive area behind the balls.

Harry whimpered above him. "Yeah, please. Oh, don't stop. Please."

He went all the way to the back, enjoying Harry's shouts of pleasure as he caressed his hole and jabbed his tongue at the tight ring. He sensed Harry getting close to orgasm, but he didn't want him coming yet, so he backed off.

"No, no, you said you wouldn't tease. Please don't stop."

"Don't fret. You'll get what's coming," he purred into Harry's ear, trailing kisses along the jaw and capturing Harry's lips in another passionate kiss. Harry moaned and writhed and tried to hook one leg around Severus to keep him there and rub him off. He pulled back with another small chuckle. "Oh, no, I have something better planned."

He walked over the side table and opened up the bottom drawer and took out their special lubricant. He sauntered back, undoing the buttons of his own shirt and then tossing it aside. He saw Harry's eyes alight on the necklace he was wearing and his brows scrunched in confusion.

"That's an odd bit of jewelry, Severus. It doesn't seem much like you." Harry took a closer look as Severus approached. The necklace consisted of several glass beads of various sizes.

"Oh, it's very much me once you see what it's used for." Severus undid the clasp and held the string up for Harry to get a better look. They ranged from grape to golf-ball sized and Severus touched them along Harry's face and chest.

Harry's eyes widened upon recognition. "Anal beads? But, yikes, how are those big ones supposed to fit!"

"They will, you'll see, once you're properly stretched." He snogged Harry again to get him to shut up and quit worrying. He flicked fingers over Harry's nipples, too, as a good distraction.

Harry moaned in approval.

Licking and sucking on heated flesh to continue the arousal, Severus lowered himself back down to a kneeling position in front of Harry. He quickly tongued Harry's erection back to full hardness before proceeding on to the prize. Coating a finger in lube, he carefully circled the opening before gliding said finger into the tight hole.

Harry cried out in elation. "Oh, yes, oh please, Sev." He started flexing his stomach muscles to make the digit go in deeper, fuller, but with his hands tied overhead and Severus holding one knee up (and thus one foot off the ground) he didn't have much leverage. "Please, more," he panted.

Severus pulled out his finger, to Harry's whimpers, only to replace it with the first bead of the necklace, coated in more lube. Harry gasped at the foreign intrusion, but it was a small bead, so it was quickly swallowed up inside. Severus methodically pushed bead after bead into Harry's body, using his own finger to push them higher in. He loved listening to Harry's gasps and moans as the pressure built and beads brushed up against Harry's prostate.

Soon he reached the larger beads, and as each one was pressed through the sphincter, he could feel Harry shake from arousal.

"Oh, please, Oh, Sev," he muttered non-stop.

He finally took the golf-ball-sized bead and placed it against Harry's hole. He pressed with slow and steady pressure as Harry flung his head back and forth in a lust-filled haze, and with a shout from Harry the ball went in. He looked up to find Harry's eyes all glazed over and his body taut with nerves. His erection was standing straight out, a deep angry red with precum at the tip.

Harry was whimpering with need. "Please, Sev, please!"

Severus leant in and took one testicle in his mouth, rolling his tongue over it to the sounds of Harry's gasps and needy whimpers. He lavished the other testicle with just as much attention, reveling in the sexual tension of his partner. He grabbed the end of the strung beads and looked up at Harry. "Ready?"

"Yes! Please, Sev, yes!!"

Without another word, Severus deep-throated Harry's erection and pulled on the beads in his anus. Harry screamed as his orgasm roared through him, waves of sensation pouring through him as each bead rippled out of him, Severus swallowing each spurt of cum.

When he was finished, Harry hung there gasping for breath and feeling boneless.

"Better, my Harry? Still feeling any pressures from the day?"

It was all Harry could do to move his head a little. "No. That was really nice, Severus."

Severus left the beads on the ground and stood. He muttered a quick releasing spell and caught Harry as he drooped down the wall. "Come now, let's get you to bed."

As Harry languidly made it to their bed, he said, "What about you? Would you like some release, too?"

"All in good time. For now, relax and then we'll have dinner. Perhaps later you can return the favor." Severus cast a quick cleaning charm on Harry before tucking him in.

"Hmm," he hummed. "Maybe we could play with some more of those beads." He gave a lecherous smile to his lover before drifting off to sleep.


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